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  • Brief Introduction to Hangzhou Kesheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd

          Hangzhou Kesheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd is the forth batch of energy-saving services company in Zhejiang Province for the record business. The company mainly engaged in energy management contract (EMC) business, coveing boiler, steam turbine energy-saving technological transfirmation services, fluidized bed waste incineration system technology upgrading and energy conservation services, EPC services, power plant energy management consulting services, clean coal gasification technical services or transformation project, the fan pump motor frequency or permanent magnet energy-saving transformation services, waste heat utilization services. The company develops energy technology, energy-saving and environmental protection technology, EMC business, at the same time management consulting and technical services for municipal solid waste disposal enterprises, heating e...

  • Technology of comprehensive utilization of low temperature heat source

  • Deep purification of the flue gas and waste heat recycle

  • Optimization and modification of turboset’s energy-saving and cost-reducing

  • Energy saving technical reconstruction of variable frequency motor

  • Water pump efficiency and energy saving technology

  • Air compressor energy saving reconstruction technique