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Charities and Donations

Since its inception, Jinjiang Environment has always given support to social welfare work to enhance social well-being and to show that we care. We have a harmonious, long-term relationship with the surrounding communities, and strive to create a more stable and clean living environment for the people. We actively promote charitable activities such as providing voluntary labour, environmental education and disaster relief in order to help strengthen community integration. Our project companies are engaged in charity activities, providing help for the people and improving the lives of the disadvantaged groups.

Visiting the Elderly

We have visited the elderly confined to nursing homes, and delivered daily necessities and supplies.

Benevolent Fund Warm Heart

We have set up a benevolent fund to provide financial support, love and care for employees with difficulties.

Visiting Sick Children

We have visited children who are critically ill and provided funding for those in financial difficulties so that the children can be positively encouraged through our care and concern.